• You supply us with the following information: income, monthly living expenses and debts;
  • Imvusa Debt Help will analyse your financial position and determine whether you are over-indebted, in other words, do your monthly expenses exceed your monthly income? (You have to be over-indebted to qualify for debt review);
  • Once determine that you are over-indebted we will forward an application form (Form 16) to you, which you must complete and send with supporting documents to Email: or Fax: 086 409 6494

Supporting Documents Required:

  • Copy of Id (Both if married in COP)
  • Latest Payslip (If earning overtime / commission include the latest 3) (Both if married in COP)
  • Marriage certificate – if married
  • Divorce decree – if applicable
  • Antenuptial contract – if applicable
  • Proof of residence. (Not older than 3 months and preferably a municipality account)
  • Proof of vehicle insurance (if vehicle is financed)



Step 1:
Within 5 working days

We will notify the NCR and the Credit Bureaus of your application for Debt Review.
We also issue your creditors with a Form 17.1 informing them of your application for debt review and requesting an updated certificated of balance (COB) (Statement) for your accounts

Step 2:
Within 30 working days

Within 30 days your Creditors will be issued with a Form 17.2 confirming acceptance of your application.
A proposal will be sent out to all creditors confirming the negotiated amounts.
You are required to make the agreed monthly payment to the PDA (Payment distribution Agency) for the duration of the Debt Review starting from month one.
REMEMBER: You have to open a new bank account and arrange with your employer to transfer your salary into your new bank account.

Step 3:
Within 60 working days

A court date will be obtained from your local Magistrate’s Court, before 60 days has lapsed, since date of your application.
An attorney acting on your behalf will prepare the court documents and obtain a court order in terms of the restructuring plan, which will be implemented by all your Credit Providers.

Step 4:

Once the court order is issued, you are on your way to a less stressful financial future.
Please note: Missing just one payment, or paying the wrong amount, opens up opportunities for Credit Providers to take legal action against you.

Step 5:

Once all your debt has been repaid Imvusa Debt Help will issue you with a Clearance Certificate which will be sent to all your Creditors, the NCR and the Credit Bureaus. This will enable you to qualify for credit again.


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