FAQ about Debt Counselling:


Why Debt Counselling?

The main purpose of the National Credit Act (NCA) is to help the over-indebted consumers. This process provides immediate protection against legal action and repossession of your house or vehicle. Imvusa Debt Help's debt counsellors are fully trained and registered with the NCR ensuring that you are protected.


What fees are payable?

The consumer does not have to pay any upfront fees; all fees are included in the restructuring.

View Debt Counselling Fee Guidelines


Can I apply for Debt Review if I am unemployed?

One of the requirements for Debt Review is being able to prove that you can pay your creditors a reasonable amount. You will not be able to apply for Debt Review if you do not have an income. If your spouse is employed, you could apply jointly if you are married in community of property.


Your company is based in Cape Town, I am in Gauteng. How can this work?

You don't need to see us in person. Any original documents that we may need can be posted to PO BOX 202, GOODWOOD, 7459.


Is this a loan?

No. In the Debt Review process your debt are restructured in such a way that you can easily afford to pay them back within your financial means.


Can I continue to apply for credit or use my existing Credit and Store cards?

No, unfortunately the NCA prohibits you from incurring any further credit while under debt review.

Section 88(1): "A consumer who has filed an application in terms of Section 86(1) for debt review must not incur any further charges under a credit facility or enter into any further credit agreement"


How long will the Debt Review process take?

Our aim is to get you DEBT FREE within 5 years or less.


What happens if my Credit Providers do not accept the DEBT Plan?

Your credit providers are likely to accept a reasonable offer that shows you are committed. The credit providers may appeal, however the magistrate will review your Debt Counsellors proposal in good faith.


Will my creditors stop calling me?

Your creditors are supposed to stop calling you as soon as they have received the 17.1 Notice. Sometimes not all the departments of the bank/store are aware that you have applied for debt counselling and might still call you. Should your creditors still harass you please refer them to your Debt Counsellor who will know how to deal with them.


How does the payment to my creditors work?

Your money is paid directly to the NCR accredited Payment Distribution Agent, who in turn distributes the funds to your creditors.


What happens if my circumstances change?

Contact Imvusa Debt Help who will review your situation based on the changing circumstances and we will take the appropriate action on your behalf.


What happens after all my DEBT was settled?

As soon as all debts are settled in full, a Debt Clearance Certificate is issued and the consumer will be removed from the listing on the credit bureaus.

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